A Sustainable Lifestyle

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At Broadmead, sustainability isn't just a priority - it's a way of life. In order to best serve our planet, and to maintain the unspoiled natural beauty of our 94-acre countryside campus, we are committed to making sustainable practices an integral part of our lifestyle. We take a holistic approach to creating a healthier, safer, and more prosperous future for our natural environment, and are truly dedicated to upholding the Quaker belief of concern for the Earth and the wellbeing of all who live in it.

Meet Our Vice President for Sustainability

Broadmead is honored to have Gina Mathias, Broadmead's VP of Sustainability, leading our community towards a more sustainable and responsible future. Tasked with the development and administration of a multi-faceted, multi-year sustainability plan, Gina’s role entails matters such as electricity usage, water and rainwater runoff, recycling and composting, new buildings, energy efficient equipment, and more. With her extensive background in sustainability management, she develops and implements strategies and programs that strengthen and expand our commitment to sustainable initiatives and community growth.

Contact Gina About Broadmead’s Sustainability Initiatives
Gina Mathias

Sustainability in Action

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just reducing our own energy consumption; it also drives us to continue to make a positive, lasting impact on the world around us. Broadmead is currently utilizing the following sustainability initiatives throughout our community:

  • Sustainable management programs for the care and well-being of tree canopies and grounds
  • Planting of native or adapted species to create a diverse landscape that attracts wildlife and minimizes erosion and stormwater runoff
  • Bay-Wise certification for environmentally sound landscape management practices
  • Transitioning of our vehicle fleet to hybrid/electric and installation of electric car chargers for residents
  • Community-wide, efficiently managed recycling of materials to reduce waste that goes to the Baltimore County landfill and beyond
  • Prioritizing the purchase of locally sourced, sustainable/reusable products when available
  • Installation of energy-saving systems, such as ENERGY STAR® appliances, smart controls, LED lighting, and efficient heat pumps
  • LEED certified Hillside Homes
  • Upgraded insulation, efficient windows, efficient flow showers and faucets integrated throughout our Garden Homes
  • Use of zero VOC paint, Green Label Plus certified flooring, and non-toxic, green cleaning products to ensure higher air quality
  • Dining room and resident drop-off composting program, zero-waste packaging, repurposing of products
  • Resident-run Sustainability Committee
  • And so much more!

Watch as Steve Gurney with Positive Aging Community hosts an in-depth discussion with Gina Mathias, Vice President of Sustainability at Broadmead, that explores how senior living providers can address the needs of current and future generations to help ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.